How can the biblical counseling movement have a massive impact on our nation?

This is one of the questions that has been on my heart for the last year. The more I know about biblical counseling and the more I practice it, the more my confidence in God’s Word and the power of the gospel grows, together with my joy. I would like many other churches, pastors, and lay Christians to have the same experience, and together with other dear brothers who are more experienced than I am, we want to start a National Biblical Counseling Movement.

But what are the areas we should focus on, in the next 5 years? I have concluded that these 3 areas should be the following: A. Biblical counseling courses, B. Producing resources that can be used in counseling sessions, and C. Starting a Coalition of Biblical Counselors to unite our efforts at the national level and to deal with the accreditation/supervision of future biblical counselors.

That is why I want to invest time, energy, resources, and prayer in this vast, but also strategically important, field. First of all, I need more training – that I want to follow in the next 2 years together with the Fellowship of Biblical Counselors, Biblical Counseling Foundation, and The Addiction Connection.

According to our Lord’s prayer, we want to see workers in His vineyard, and that is why I want to be more and more involved with the other brothers who do training. I would like to use the following materials: Self-confrontation, Be transformed – TAG, Gospel Fluency, Instruments in the hands of the Redeemer, Strength in numbers, Lies that men believe.

The Coalition of Biblical Counselors aims to unite efforts to promote the biblical counseling ministry nationwide. At the moment we have had a few meetings and we want to start a national movement that, in time, will become a formal organization that will deal with the training/supervision and certification of future biblical counselors. To be able to fulfill this long-term goal, we initially want to start two Biblical Counseling Centers, one of which will be in Sibiu, within Deo Gloria Church.

As I have already said, in Romania, the Biblical Counseling Movement is in its initial phases, that is why we have a great need for healthy and biblical resources in the Romanian language. We have a partnership with a Christian studio and we want to translate or produce in Romanian various materials on a variety of topics.

The following types of materials are required:

  • Books and brochures
  • Video presentations
  • Book reviews
  • Online prevention
  • Websites dedicated to various needs
  • Courses for counseling centers


Time invested per week: 4 hours of presentations, 2 hours of preparations.


Partners: Deo Gloria Church, Betania Church, Genesis TV, Mihai Ciopasiu, Doug Markesbery, Kyle Ferguson, Pete Stazen.

Budget: – $ 500 per month

Transportation to other churches, accommodation, meals where I will hold training – $ 100

Attendance at conferences and meetings of the Coalition of Biblical Counselors – $ 50

Purchase of books and materials to be translated – $ 150

Equipment needed to produce videos $ 50

Time invested $ 50

Materials produced and translated $ 100

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