Potoroaca Family – Missionaries in Romania Sibiu

We are the Potoroaca family, a family of missionaries from Romania in the central area near the city of Sibiu. We have 3 children together and we serve people who suffer directly or indirectly due to drug addiction, alcohol, pornography, gambling, and others.
Madalin use to coordinates the Rehab Center until February 2021 and now we want to develop an effective work outside the therapeutic community (Rehab Center) through prevention projects in schools and universities, through biblical counseling and support groups and we also believe that we are called to help start the Romanian National Biblical Counseling Movement which is now in its infancy by producing resources, training, and collaborating with other brethren and churches to start the Coalition of Biblical Counselors. If you want to support us and know more about us, please click the button next to it.


Prevention in Schools and Universities

Proclaiming the power of the gospel to deliver captives through personal testimonies and interactive seminars

The phenomenon of addictions is growing from year to year and more and more young people and their families are suffering enormously because of this. We want to warn them about these dangers, about the real consequences of addictions, and give them hope for the gospel. So many young people now have access to all sorts of information or rather a misinformation, and we aim to bring the truth of God into this informational ocean to confront contemporary idols. If you want to know more about this project and get involved with us, watch the video and read the attached materials.

Individual Biblical Counseling

The word of God used by the Holy Spirit along with our prayer transforms lives even today

We receive a lot of requests for help from people who are not yet in the phase of needing hospitalization in a recovery center. Many of these requests come from women, and our therapeutic community is exclusively for men. That is why we want to provide the necessary help to these people through weekly Biblical counseling sessions and thus more lives to be touched by the power of the Spirit through the Holy Scriptures. If you want to know more about this project and get involved with us, watch the video and read the attached materials.

Support Groups

Power is found in the community

It is a generally recognized fact and especially in the field of addictions, that we need each other. As the Bible encourages us, we must bear one another burdens and encourage one another, but also to rebuke and urge each other to live a clean life. Support groups based not on AA human principles but on God’s Eternal Word are almost non-existent in Romania, so we want to do this pioneering work and help others in the future to start such groups. If you want to know more about this project and get involved with us, watch the video and read the attached materials.

Biblical Counseling Movement

What is needed for Biblical Counseling to have an impact throughout our nation? We need to train the next generation of Bible counselors by:

  • Counseling training courses for churches (Self-confrontation, Be transformed, Gospel Fluency, Instruments in the hands of the Redeemer, Strength in numbers, etc.) and with the help of Biblical Counseling Centers
  • A coalition of Biblical Counselors (Accreditation, Training, Resources, Conferences)
  • Production of resources in Romanian on various counseling topics


  • Doug Marksbery – Biblical Counseling Missionary in Romania
  • Betuel Vararu – Pastor of Deo Gloria Church
  • Nicu Sotir – The elder of Logos Church Bucuresti and ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor, PHD

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